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I’m a Christian.I go to church every Sunday.

title:The Holy Communion of this time period
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Jesus was the ‘Messiah’ whom God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son had sent to fulfill the New Testament history. He came to save the nation of Israel and the entire world. However, due to the disbelief of those who had believed in God while waiting for the Messiah, Jesus knew the time had come for him to atone for the sins of all mankind through his ‘death’ and return to his Father.

Before being crucified and dying on the cross, Jesus did ‘two major things’. One of these was the ‘last supper he had with the disciples’.

The day before Jesus was arrested by the religious people and the politicians of the old time period, who distrusted and slandered him, Jesus gave out ‘bread and wine’ while saying, “This bread is my body given for you. This cup is the new covenant in my blood which is poured out for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” (Luke 22:19-20)

什麼是‘Last supper’呢?
supper唸作‘ㄙㄚ ㄅㄦ’ 比super多一個 ‘p’ 不要看錯囉
來由是古法語 souper,原意"to sup" 是 “喝湯的意思"
‘Lunch’和‘Supper’都是比較隨便、簡易的,稍微充飢而已,另外Lunch一開始在英國有"一塊、一團"的意思,是由lunshine(一團食物) 與 nonschench(午餐飲料)兩個字合體而成‘Lunch’一字。
(non即是noon「中午」; schench是「飲料」之意;意即中午的飲料)
耶穌時代也是,當時環境惡劣到,歷史幾乎無法發展下去的程度,自然不可能吃的多豐盛,因此使用‘Supper’ 這個字是非常恰當,而且富有心情的。

to atone (v.) 贖罪 意同 to expiate
crucified 被釘在十字架上
slander (v.) 污衊、毀謗

Telling them to wash others’ feet had many meanings. Jesus showed them an example as the ‘Lord’ and as the ‘Teacher’ so that they would be harmonious and be loving toward each other, cover over and pray for the faults of their brothers, forgive their brothers for their wrongs, wash the brothers who caused them to be angry and enraged just like washing their feet, and treat all lives that way.

Then Jesus also told them, “Not everyone who follows the Lord is a ‘chosen person’. Even if people follow saying, ‘Lord! Lord!’ in that same place there is one who will lift up his heel and betray me.”

Here, the ‘one who had lifted up his heel against Jesus’ was ‘Judas Iscariot’. As a result of Judas’ betrayal, Jesus’ heel ended up being lifted from the ground. That is, he ended up dying on the cross.

One one hand, Jesus walked the path of glory that saved mankind; on the other hand, he walked the path of crucifixion, the path of sacrifice.

A savior does not bear the cross becaue of ‘his own sins’. He bears the cross because of the ‘sins of the world’. Jesus, becoming the ‘Lord of glory’ by having the people of the time period believe in him as the Messiah and follow him and him fulfilling the Will of salvation was the Will that had been originally intended. However, the people of that time period did not turn back and the more time passed, the more they slandered and blocked Jesus and treated him like a heretic.

The the time period had already tilted toward the ‘evil side’. If things had been left as they were, the salvation history could not have been made properly. For that reason, in order to, as the Messiah, bear the sins of the sinners on behalf of them and open the ‘path of salvation’ for all people, Jesus entered Jerusalem where the cross was, and he walked the ‘path of sarifice, the path of the cross’.

Jesus preached during his lifetime, telling people to care for, serve, love, and sacrifice for their brothers and followers, and to live as the ‘Lord’s bodies’, just like how the Messiah had washed the feet of his disciples. That same mentality and Word has been preached throughout the 2000 years of the New Testament history.

I urge everyone to remember today’s message and take action with this ‘gospel’ and with ‘peace and love’ to the end of the age.

enrage (v.)使生氣

the ‘the time peroid’ had already tilted toward the ‘evil side’
‘時代的局勢’ 已經傾向「惡的一方」

salvation (n.) 救恩
preach (v.)證道、傳講話語
mentality (n.)精神





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