title:Realize and know
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Scriptures: Psalm 49:20
People who have wealth but lack understanding
are like the beasts that perish.
例:Save us, lest we perish.

To have realised means that what seemed like ‘silver’ to you in the past now seems as precious as ‘gold’. To have realised also means that your perception has changed.
When I had realised, I saw correctly and came to know the fundamentals correctly.

When buying merchandise too, if you buy without realizing, you will not buy ‘good merchandise’, but will be happy after buying ‘bad merchandise’.
In this way, if you live without realizing, you will suffer really terrible losses for your body’s lifetime and for your spirit’s eternity.

例:It’s not logical by any means, but it’s a known precept in the marketing world.

perception 認知、感知

When you realise, you must realise deeply and ‘spiritually’. One woman in Bethany realized the Christ correctly. She poured her alabaster jar of perfume out and followed the Christ with correct knowledge. Upon realising Jesus properly, Peter confessed, “Lord, you are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

To have realised means that [you] have gained knowledge of the fundamentals 100%.
Having realized is like this: When you are taking a test, because you know it clearly, you say, “This is the answer!” are moved, and write the answer immediately.
Likewise, if you realize, you will take action immediately.
People who do not take action are people who are not in a ‘state of realization’.

這段句型都蠻漂亮的,gain knowledge of the fundamentals 100%(百分之百了解根本)
People who do not take action are people who are not in a ‘state of realization’.

Realise vs. Realize兩者的差異是什麼呢,其實這主要是使用的地區不同,而有的不一樣的拼字習慣,一般接觸美語、加拿大地區的人比較常使用Realize,其他英語系國家則會使用Realise
同理 realised/realized, realising/realizing, realisation/realization


把香膏倒出來(pour out)
alabaster jar玉瓶

Even a single pine tree has to be close for it to provide a ‘good scent and good air’, and inspire ‘love’ from you, since it will be before your eyes.
People, too, must be close. Then they become neighbours as close as cousins.
A field also must be close to your house. Then it will be considered to be a fertile field right in front of your house.*

No matter who one may be, whether one be small or big, the person who is nearest to the Holy Son, the Lord, is the person in the world who is as precious as gold.

Whether it be a person or creation, it must be close. Then it is more valuable. It must be close. Then you can feel it more with both your eyes and your heart.

Now that you have been enlightened, if you are close to the Holy Son, the Lord, and the person closest to Him, you will receive the blessing of being one with them in body, heart, deeds, soul, and spirit.

(문전옥답(門前沃畓) : 많은 재산을 일컫는 말.)

be enlightened 被啟發

證道話語原稿:Pastor Jung Myeong Seok



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