title:Putting [things] into practice is victory.
Having taken action is victory.
Complete [things] by taking action doing your best.

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Scriptures: Romans 2:6-8
God “will repay each person according to what they have done.”
To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will give eternal life.
But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger.

Glory 和 Honor兩個的差異如下
1. exaltation: the fame, admiration, and honor that is given to somebody who does something important
2. achievement: something that brings or confers admiration, praise, honor, or fame
3. praise of deity: praise and thanksgiving offered as an act of worship to a deity
Glory to God in the highest. 將讚美與榮耀歸與至高 神


1. personal integrity: strong moral character or strength, and adherence to ethical principles
ex:It’s a matter of honor. 這關乎榮譽
2. respect: great respect and admiration
ex:a mark of honor 榮耀的記號
3. dignity: personal dignity that sometimes leads to recognition and glory
ex:Although defeated, he accepted the loss with honor.


然後經文最後一段這裡的wrath,用來指的是天譴、 神的怒氣,一般人生氣比較不會使用這個字,除非是特地要襯托對方的權力、能力,例如:我的老闆氣到快把我殺了

persistence 堅持不懈
immortality 不朽
wrath 憤怒

The reason people fail to gain [things] as they live their lives in the world is that they live without purpose, and they live having forgotten the purpose. However, no matter you may be, if you take 100% with purpose, you are 100% certain to gain.

Hope is fulfilled in ‘two ways’. Firstly, it is fulfilled through taking action, and, secondly, it is fulfilled by obtaining [things] through taking action.

Food will not be eaten just because you look at it with your eyes.
You must actually eat food. Then it will be eaten.
The visible physical things are obtained by taking action in reality.
You can also obtain the invisible things of the spirit by your ‘body’ taking action.

You must take action, so how will you take action in order to gain?
You must do your best. Then you will gain the ‘best things’.
If you cannot do your best, you cannot enjoy the ‘best life’ and the ‘best sense of satisfaction’.

It is to do your best with all of your skills by putting forth effort and studying [how to do better].

put forth effort 付出努力全力以赴,像是油門踩到底,向前衝的意思。
put (something) forth 可以用來指,對某件事情付出努力

Having acquired the ‘best things’ means having acquired the ‘finest among the given things’. The ‘best things’ are things like pure gold, treasures, and diamond. The ‘next [best] things’ are like copper and iron. You must do your best. Then you can gain the ‘finest things in that area’.

You have to do your best every day.
Then you will gain the ‘best things’ within your domain, and you must gain the ‘best things’. Then you will come to live rejoicing and being perfectly satisfied.
If you want to gain the ‘best things’, take action 100%.

People who do not do their best and live with ‘incompleteness’ always fail to reach ‘completion’ and end at ‘incompleteness’.

May all you who heard the Word today do your best within the Lord and thus live acquiring, using, fulfilling your hopes, and enjoying a sense of satisfaction by doing so!


證道話語原稿:Pastor Jung Myeong Seok




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