[SunMsg]The sail in your life

title:The sail of life
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Scriptures: John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. …”

In order to not live difficult lives, people put in effort, do research, invent all kinds of consumer goods, think all kinds of thoughts, and try to live better lives. However, living a life that less difficult, with less suffering, and that is easy and comfortable is really difficult.

Therefore, people must receive Heaven’s good fortune. There can be good fortune of the Earth and good fortune of Heaven. Your own efforts, hardwork, talents, and abilities are ‘good fortune from yourself’. ‘Good fortune from Heaven’ is like the sails of a ship on the ocean, like the wings of an eagle in the air, and like the engine of a car on land.

fortune最有名的衍伸詞應該屬Fortune Cookies ,會在餅乾中放入一張箴言紙條,吃的人可以彼此分享所抽到的句子

Row boat and sail boat are as different as Heaven and Earth. A sail boat travels by the power of the ‘wind’, so it does not need to struggle and ploughs through the waves. But in a row boat without sails you have to travel by rowing with [your] ‘arms and hands’. Since it is difficult, a long voyage is impossible, and the boat will end up being pushed around by the waves and will head in a different direction.

plough一般是指耕田的意思,但是就像鋤地的動作一般,有開路的意思,因此在句子中struggle and ploughs through the waves有破浪而行的意思,算是用字很棒的句子。

The Lord [주 or 主 (Ju)] is the ‘sail of life’, the sail of hope, and the sail of truth.
When you are navigating the ocean of life, put the ‘sail of the Lord’ up on the ‘boat called “you”’. Then your dream will come true, you will obtain treasure, obtain happiness, enjoy satisfaction, and love, wisdom, and good fortune will all come [to you].

That is how you can live your life easily and comfortably without having to strain and suffer as you row the ‘oars of your life’.
By embedding the mast and sail called the Lord [주 or 主 (Ju)] in the ‘center of your heart and thoughts’ and in your ‘life’, may you receive the blessing of living your life easily, comfortably, and while achieving victory!

證道話語原稿:Pastor Jung Myeong Seok



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